Wempy: Documentation


wempy is a simple embedded python interpreter used either as a library or from the commandline.

Wempy is taken directly from the web2py framework.

Thanks to Thadeus Burges for re-writing the templates used in web2py

Thanks to Massimo di Pierro for creating web2py and more specifically for the original design and implementation of the template system for web2py


Installation (installing wempy)

syntax (wemplate syntax)

wempy (command line utility)

API (using wempy's library)

Contributions Welcomed

So far wempy is mostly the work that I've stolen from web2py and my very minor contributions/abominations. If something about it doesn't quite suit your fancy you have options:
  • create a ticket - You can anonymously login using the 'fill out captcha' button to create a ticket for any issue you want to bring to our attention (even feature requests)
  • submit a patch - I tend not to use git unless circumstances dictate that I must. Please do not send a git formatted patch as it will generally receive very low priority. Generic patches will be well received.
  • join the project - Send me an email <gcw-wempy {.} notadiscussion.com> tell me where to send your username/password (optional: learn to use fossil)
  • shut up about it - Go explor the wonders of expressing your love for yourself physically

note: We do not require copyright assignments or contributor agreements. We do request that you indicate the licenses under which your works maybe distributed. If LGPL v3 is not among the listed acceptable licenses we cannot accept your work.